Ozo Coffee Co. (CO)

Ozo’s Pearl Street location is perfect for travelers who find themselves in the beautiful city of Boulder. Located on the end of Pearl Street, it has a beautiful view of the Flatirons and the cute shops lining the streets.

Boulder is a college town, home to the University of Colorado, Boulder (Sko Buffs!) Students who are trying to escape the campus litter this shop. It ranges from locals meeting to laptops and textbooks. It is a great way to capture a little bit of Boulder with your coffee.

Demographic: Variety.
Instagramability: Medium (Bad lighting, great area)
Coffee Strength: Strong +free refill if you stay in house.
Seating: Enough.
Bathroom Availability: Available.
Comfort: Medium.
Neighborhood: Safe.
Wifi: Yes.
Good for: Drinking Sunday Coffee/ Studying.