Emissary (D.C.)

Emissary is something you’d see on TV screens. It’s not too fancy, meaning it isn’t all beautifully tiled and color coordinated, but it does have a nice atmosphere. You walk a couple steps below the sidewalk, through the white door, and bam! You’ve found a new place to eat or study.

It is a little dark, but comfortable. They have a wonderful food menu and great coffee, plus super cute dishes if you’re looking to take a photo. However, the best part is their rule about technology usage. There are three rooms in this shop, the front one being a coffee shop area where customers are welcome to hook up to the wifi and use their computers at all hours. The back two are a dining room and speakeasy for brunch and evening, so customers are asked not to use tech in those areas during those hours. I think that’s a really great way to balance connection and meals with work and coffee breaks.

Demographic: Mixed.
Instagramability: Weak (Strong food props).
Coffee Strength: Strong.
Seating: Abundant.
Bathroom Availability: Available.
Comfort: Comfortable.
Neighborhood: Safe.
Wifi: Strong.
Good for: Eating/ Studying.

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