Elixr Coffee (PA)

Elixr encouraged me to pull my camera out upon entrance. The shop is primarily marble and wood, making the lighting great and the vibe modern. People sat around studying, and hanging out. The coffee was good, but my favorite part was the vanilla that they left out for customers to add to their coffee.
There’s something about Philadelphia. All of the coffee places we went to had extra stuff for me to add that I’d never seen before, like vanilla or oat milk. I was very excited about it.

Elixr did make for a perfect Instagram post, and a location to hang out and recharge before we continued on our journey. It was definitely worth a stop.

Elixr offers single-origin, hand-poured brews, according to their website.

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Demographic: Young.
Coffee Strength: Strong.
Seating: Abundant.
Bathroom Availability: Available.
Comfort: Very comfortable.
Neighborhood: I didn’t love it, kind of off the beaten path for tourists.
Wifi: Strong.
Good for: Studying/ Hanging out.

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