Bakers & Baristas (D.C.)

Bakers and Baristas is in a great location. It is near a lot of shopping, the National Art Gallery and a wonderful cupcake shop. Their coffee is not my favorite; however, they do make a tasty chai latte for those of us who are trying to stop caffeinating by the afternoon. This is a great place to come if you’re in need of a place to just sit. You don’t need to sit for long, but you know that there will be a smiling face and a delicious pastry waiting for you here.
There is plenty of window seating. People watching is an easy task here. Many people come to gossip about their professors or professional lives. It is a place that makes you feel connected, even if you’re not completely familiar with what’s happening around you.


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Demographic: College Students
Instagramability: Not great.
Coffee Strength: Medium
Seating: A fair amount
Bathroom Availability: A few
Comfort: It’s comfortable and has a good amount of outlets to charge your dying phone.
Neighborhood: Safe.
Wifi: Slow and steady
Good for: Eating/ Mingling

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